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I hosted and participated

in "Eight North Carolina Artists - Mountains to the Sea Exhibition" at Acme Art Studios. 






Paintings from A Small World Circle, produced at Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2013,

opened 21 February, 2014 at 8 Fine Art Gallery in Southport, NC, USA. The work of Andreevski, Pistner and Roberts was displayed beautifully in this highly professional and upscale gallery... a gem of a gallery in a backwater location.

A reading of poems from my book "Poems for Macedonia" published in Macedonia in English and Macedonian in August 2013. 1 PM, 28 September at Old Books On Front Street, Wilmington, NC.


I hosted the second annual residency in my studio at Acme Art, Wlmington, NC, USA. Painters Gerlinde Pistner from Nurnberg, Germany and Sergej Andreevski from Skopje, Macedonia joined me from 9 November until 23 November. Together we painted in the intense and creative atomosphere that is abundant at Acme Art Studios. The work produced was displayed in an exhibition A Small World Circle.  Opening reception was at 621 N4th Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA  -  23 November, 2013.

I attended the International Arts Symposium Dunart in Samorin, Slovakia 17-25 August 2013.

I  participated in the 10th reunion of the International Art Residency program  Art Point Gumno  2-16 September 2013 in the village of Sloestica, Macedonia. Hosted by artist Sergej Andreevski and his wife Irena Andreevska, artists from around the world who have attended the residency will make art for two weeks. The residency included artist from Macedonia, Scotland, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Germany and the USA... an exceptional reunion of old and new art friends.