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Exhibitions and Projects

Dick Roberts

Studio Acme Art Studios - 711 North 5th Avenue- Wilmington NC 29401

Solo Exhibitio

"Tributaries of Abstraction"  Virtual exhibition  in cooperation with Art In Bloon Gallery- Acme Art Studios, Wilmington NC - 2020 - 2021

"Skin" an exhibition of body prints, Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC - 2020

Paintings provided for Russell Crowe residence while filming "The Georgetown Project"

Wilmington NC - 2019

WHQR MC Erny Gallery, Nevermore..., Wilmington, NC 28401 - 2017

Acme Art Studios, Retrospective 1978 - 2000, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2017

Spectrum, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2016

ACES Gallery, Arts Council Exhibition, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2016

PinPoint, Abstraction, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2015

Gallery 8, Skopje, Macedonia - 2013

Acme Art Studios, One More Step of the Journey, Wilmington, NC - 2013

621 N 4th Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2011

Talley Gallery, Abstraction, Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN, USA – 2011

Brunswick Community College, Bolivia, NC, USA - 2011

WHQR Gallery, Rattling the Food Chain, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2007

Three Hounds Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2006

Side Street Gallery, Pittsboro, NC, USA - 2006

SimmonsWright Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2005

Gallery 208, Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fayetteville, NC, USA - 2004

WHQR Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA, – 1997, 2003

Acme Art Studios “The Ladies of Nurnberg”, Wilmington, NC, USA  – 2003

Port City Java, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2001

Harvest Moon, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2001

KIC, Skopje, Macedonia – 2001

National Gallery, Struga, Macedonia – 1998

Caffe Phoenix, Wilmington, NC, USA – 1993, 1995, 1997, 2011

Durham Art Guild, Durham, NC, USA – 1996


Collaborative Exhibitions

"Acme Art Group Show" Wilmington NC, 2021

"No Boundries International Retrospective Exhibition"  Wilma Daniels Gallery. Wilmington NC USA, 2020

"The Perfect Human" Symposium  and exhibition. Jena, Germany, 2019

Tatot Atelier, BBK Nurnberg und Mittenfranken, Nurnberg, Germany, 2019

Winged, Bird art by Dick Roberts and Vicky Smith, ACME Art Studios, Wilmington, NC  2019, 2018

No Boundaries Exhibitions, Wilmington and Leland, NC, 2017, 2018

The Creators of the No Boundaries Art Colony, All About Art, Bald Head Island, NC, 2017

DUNART, Mamu Galeria,Damjanich u 39, Budapest, Hungary, 2016

ACME Spring Exhibition, ACME Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, USA, 2016

GoHo Exhibition, Furtherstrasse, Pistner-Roberts, Nurnberg, Germany, 2015

Eight North Carolina Artists - From the Mountains to the Sea, Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2015

A Small World Circle, Roberts, Andrevski, Pistner, 8 fine Art Gallery,

Southport, NC, USA - 2014

Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2013, 621 N4th Gallery, Wilmington NC, USA

Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2012, Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, USA 

Roberts/Pistner – Exhibition Freunde, Nurnberg, Germany - 2011

Roberts/Andreevski – Exhibition: Alexander the Macedonian, Velestovo,  Macedonia - 2008

Hiatus, Photography Exhibition, Three Hounds Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2008

Roberts/Andreevski, Galerija “Marko K. Gregovic”, Petrovac, Montenegro - 2007

Dick Roberts/Mark Gordon, Three Hounds Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA -2007

Abstraction, Dick Roberts and Leon Schenker, Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, USA -2005

Galerie Weiss, Roberts/Andreevski, Nurnberg, Germany – 2003

Cite Internationale des Arts, Roberts/Andreevski, Paris, France – 2002

Acme Art Studios, Roberts/Andreevski, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2000, 2002

Verre a Pied, Roberts/ Andreevski, Paris, France – 2002

Culture Center,Roberts/Pistner/Andreevski,  Ohrid, Macedonia – 1999


Group Exhibitions

'Points inCommon' - No Boundries Internationla Art Colony and Acme Art Studios Exhibition, Wilma Daniels Gallery, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2021-2022

Prendrgast and Nelson Open House, Washington DC, USA - 2018

"Paradise Does Exist - 15 Years of Art Point Gumno", Sloestia, Macedonia  2018

Bijenale Atka, Gallery Marko K Gregovac, Petrovac, Montenegro  2018

No Boundaries 20th Anniversary, American Artist s Exhibition,  Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, 2017

No Boundaries 20th Anniversary International Artists, Exhibition, Wilma Daniels Gallery, CFCC, Wilmington, NC, 2017

Group exhibition, Wilmington International Airport, Wilmington, NC, 2017

Ceramics, Gray Gallery, East Carolina Univ., Greenville, NC, USA,2016

Greenville Museum of Art Biennial, Greenville, NC, USA - 2016

Coastal Carolina Clay Guild Exhibition, Wilmington, NC - 2015

Art Point Gumno Residency Exhibition, Sloestica, Macedonia - 2014

Bikini Pfefferminze, Ortart 33, Nurnberg, Germany -2014 

No Politics Exhibition, Galeria Caminul Artei Etaj Bucharest, Romania - 2014

Acme Art Studios Spring Show, Wilmington, NC,  USA - 2013, 2014, 2015

Rice Branch Ceramics Exhibition, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2014

Dunart International Symposium Exhibition, Samorin, Slovakia - 2013

At Point Gumno Reunion Residency Exhibition, Sloestica, Macedonia - 2013

Art Point Gumno 10-Year Reunion Exhibiton, Bitola, Macedonia, 2013

Acme Art, Bait, Spring Exhibition, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2013

Acme Art  Home 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2012

1x1=1 Exhibition, Atkinson, NC, USA - 2012

Art Symposium, Medana, Slovenia – 2010

Art Symposium Noja, Noja, Spain – 2009

Paint a Future Exhibition, Rully, France – 2009

Art Point Gumno, Sloestica, Macedonia, 2009

Full Belly project fundraiser, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2008, 2011

Acme Art Studios exhibitions, Wilmington, NC, USA 1996 – present

Asolare Exhibition, Skopje, Macedonia, 2006

No Boundaries 2004 Colony Exhibition, Bottega Gallery,

Wilmington, NC, USA - 2006

Kunst im Bordell, Nurnberg, Germany - 2005

L’ours et le Singe, 6 rue Dumeril, Paris, France - 2005

No Boundaries Exhibition, UNC-W Randall Library, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2005

No Boundaries Exhibition, Fayetteville Museum of Art,

Fayetteville, NC, USA - 2001

Acme Art Group Show, Caffe Phoenix, Wilmington, NC, USA - 2004

Associated Artists of Winston Salem, Winston Salem, NC, USA – 2003

Omma Center for Contemporary Art, Chania, Crete, Greece – 2003

Jonathon Art Caffe, Skopje, Macedonia – 2002

Culture House, Vedboek, Denmark – 2002

Café 13, Birkeroed, Denmark – 2001

Restaurant “Kloden”, Birkeroed, Denmark – 2001

Future Art Group, Hong Kong, China – 2001

Motion in Paris”, Verre a Pied, Paris, France – 2001

Culture House, Ohrid, Macedonia – 2001

No Boundaries International Art Colony Exhibitions, Wilmington, NC, USA – 1998 - 2009

Asolare Fine Arts Academy Exhibition – Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY, NY - 1998

Daut Pashin Amam, Skopje, Macedonia – 1998

Alumni Exhibition, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, USA – 1994, 1997



Acme Art Studios, Wilmington, NC, USA

Gerlinde Pistner, Nurnberg, Germany

Sergej Andreevski, Sloestica, Macedonia

All Abour Art Gallery, Bald Head Island, NC, USA

Prendergast and Nelson Fine Art and Design, Southport, NC, USA








Dunart International Symposium collection, Samorin, Slovakia

Art Point Gumno collection, Sloestica, Macedonia

Noja Art Symposium collection, Noja, Spain

Medana Art Symposium collection, Medana, Slovenia

Paint a Future collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Randall Library permanent collection, UNC-W, Wilmington, NC, USA

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia

Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC, USA

Nita and Gary Padgett, Pisgah Forest, NC, USA

Pam Toll. Wilmington, NC, USA

Marshall Milton, Wilmington, NC, USA

Michael and Deborah Caliva, Wilmington, NC, USA

Nora O’brien and Peter Schulz, Wilmington, NC, USA

Carol Collier and Jim Nisbet, San Francisco, CA, usa

John Newark, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Kurt Reinhardt, Vienna, Austria

Lorraine and Alan Perry, Wilmington, NC, USA

Sergej Andreevski, Skopje, Macedonia

Karen and Lee Crouch, Wilmington, NC, USA

Arrow Ross, Wilmington, NC, USA

Doug Stuber, Raleigh, NC, USA

Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC, USA

Benjamin Bunch, Basel, Switzerland

Bob Wessell, Wilmington, NC, USA

Tim and Sylvia Bryson, Brevard, NC, USA

Belcista International Artist Colony collection, Belcista, Macedonia

Sv Joakim Osogovski International Artist Colony collection, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

Diana Hayes Boyd, Charlotte, NC, USA

Donna Moore, Wilmington, NC, USA

Gayle Tustin, Wilmington, NC, USA

Dick and Sandra Ihly, Chapel Hill, NC

Robert Downey Jr.

Eliot Roberts, Los Angeles, CA

Marion Walter, Nurnberg, Germany

Saskia Walter, Nurnberg, Germany

Noel Prinz, Paris, France

Paint a Future, Netherlands

Jim Wallace, Wilmington, NC, USA




The Perfect Human Symposium, Jena, Germany, 2019

Art Point Gumno, Sloestica, Macedonia – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014

No Boundaries International Art Colony,Bald Head Island, NC – 1998 -2009

Kicevo International Artist Colony, Kicevo, Macedonia - 2006

Sv. Joakim Osogovski International Art Colony, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia – 1996, 2001, 2003

Almoshof International Art Colony, Nurnberg, Germany - 2003

International Artist Colony, Belcista, Macedonia – 1999, 2002, 2008

Sianoja Symposium, Noja, Spain – 2009

Paint a Future, Rully, France – 2009

Medana Art Symposium, Medana, Slovenia – 2010

Host – Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2012, Wilmington, NC, USA – 2012

Dunart International Symposium, Samorin, Slovakia - 2013

Art Point Gumno 10-year reunion residency, Sloestica, Macedonia - 2013


Film Credits


Twilight Zone, the Movie - 1994

Stuck in Love - 2012

The Georgetown Project - 2019